Vision & Mission


The vision of the S.M.P. Government Girls Post Graduate College is to create bright future and high ideals in the students through higher education. Thus the mission of the college is the continual progress of women in the field of higher education along with the inculcation of human values so that they can attain success in life. Our endeavour is to develop qualities such as discipline, self reliance, noble thoughts, duty consciousness and so on in the students for their all round development so that they can constructively participate in the process of nation building. In the present time where the society is undergoing continuous change the decline in the human values is highly thought provoking. In the light of this degradation of values and ethics in our society the main aim of the college is to present to our society and nation a youth imbued with high values and ideals. Our college strives to help the students to transcend the narrow boundaries of caste, religion and creed and thereby create a healthy atmosphere of compassion, camaraderie and love. Our college takes pride in providing higher education to the students of all sections of society. The motto of the college Charaivaiti Charaivaiti (Chalte raho- Chalte raho) to move on and on in life and never to stop till the goal is achieved.


Today in our nation a wide gender gap exists in every field. S.M.P. Government girls College is dedicated to provide functional and meaningful education to women of all sections of society so that they can actively participate in all fields of life. The college aspires to provide not only formal education but to contribute to the development of all facets of the students’ personality by engaging them in sports and social service activities, debates and art and literary activities. The mission of the College is to make quality education affordable and accessible to everyone without to gender, marital status, colour, race, religion or disability.