Initially research and extension lecture series committee was formed in the session 2017 -2018 with the objective of providing information about other subjects apart from traditional subjects to the girl students of the college, under which an extension lecture is organized every month. In the college, lectures are delivered by experts on burning topics like environmental protection, water conservation, women's health and nutrition, women's education, global warming, business skills for girl students, women's empowerment, self defense and research mythology etc. These lectures are not only helpful in increasing the knowledge of students, but also useful in giving the valuable information for the future of girl students. The extension Lectures are organized this year by Dr. Monika Chaudhary Convenor of the Research and extension lecture series committee. If the students of the college are interested in any other topics then contact to Dr. Monika Choudhary ,mobile number - 9412929788. Dr. Monika

Dr. Monika Choudhary

Research and extension lecture series committees