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New Ventures Decorating the College (2019)

1. Library Automation: The students and teachers can comfortably get the books issued in their names as the Library is functioning on auto mode nowonwards. This facility suffices the need of utilizing time instead of cutting it in searching for every book manually. A great utility in the field of Education.2. Smart Class: Smart Class is a feature which can provide any information at your finger tip. So, it is again a quick and prominent opportunity to acquire knowledge as per one's requirement. Teachers are no doubt the real knowledge givers but this Smart Class is a novel support for teaching and learning process.3. Communication Lab: In the present era, English has become a universal language. So, undrestanding the need of this Language the college has taken an initiative to work upon polishing the skills of students into the field of English language as well. We have a Communication lab functioning in the college which is a medium to enhance the skills of students to speak and comprehend this foreign language.