It has been well said that "There is no friend as loyal as a book", and "A room without books is like a body without a soul". Valuing the importance of a good library, our college efforts best to maintain a good library for the students as well as for all readers.

The college has a medium size but well defined and beautiful library in the new PG block building of college with comfortable and peaceful sitting of about 40 students at a time; in form of a reading room.

The books are categorised subject-wise and kept carefully, maintaining the hassle free process of issue and return. In 2019 with the grant provided by RUSA, college launched the Library on automation mode. The Library automation has "Digi-Lib" software that contains various modules including cataloguing, reporting, acquisition, circulation, database management and many more. Library has good support of required hardware equipment along with the software to complete this system.

College also has the facility for E Library, so that the students can avail the sea of books and research papers, journals etc.

The college Library committee is very well performing for the maintenance and upgradation of Library as and when required. For any queries regarding Library, students are always welcome to contact the committee as well as their concerned faculty.