Eco Club established in our college campus. Eco Club is a platform on which we got the knowledge about environment, Eco Club in a group who works to contribute to improving environmental conditions and we offer programs & activities to encourage others to reduce pollution, plant trees and also, to promote sound environmental behaviours.

Environmental Education, Awareness and Training plays a significant role in encouraging and enhancing people’s participation in activities aimed at conservation, protection and management of thenvironment, essential forachieving sustainable development. Eco club is one of the many important activity clubs of an educational institution.

The need of the hour is to create an environment friendly generation, because the present generation lives in an artificial world created by man. It is necessary to sensitize them towards nature.


he club will be committed towards raising social awareness regarding environmental issues and changing students’ attitude towards the environment by enlisting their active participation in club’s activities.


To get the students actively involved in environmental matters and to develop their interest over environmental issues

To exert value-oriented efforts for a safer atmosphere, thus creating awareness towards the three ‘R’s-reduce, reuse and recycle- of conservation To inculcate proper attitude with regard to environment and its conservation through action-based programmes.

  • To enhance students’ participation in protecting the environment.
  • To implement efficient solid waste management.
  • To reduce the use of plastic in the community.
  • To forge ties with the community on ecological problems and conservation.

Primary Objectives:

To make Clean and Green Campus.

To create awareness among the student about need of environmental Protection.

To prepare and organize student`s participation for preservation and conservation of environment.

To use different media such as audio, visual, posters, seminar, workshop. Guest Lecture and competitions for spreading messages concerning environment.

To create awareness among Society regarding environmental protection.

To create pollution free environment.


Environmental awareness programmes such as Air Pollution, Plastic free Society, Water Conservation,
Campus Cleaning, Tree Plantations, Cycle Rally.
Planting Tree saplings in surrounding campus areas.
Students attended workshop on Environment protection.

To train the green volunteers for gardening on various.

Aspects (medicinal, floral, agricultural and butterfly garden) and vermicomposting through experts.

To organize educational tours to various places for direct interaction with the environmental components.

To prepare Compost Pit for Compost formation from college green leaves.

Welcome of guest in college Campus by green pot.

To mobilize students’ participation for preservation and conservation of environment.

Inside the College Campus:

Tree Plantation at the college campus (Around 300 saplings are planted and maintained).

Solid waste management unit is functioning effectively.

Maintaining Garden, Kitchen Garden, Herbal Garden and we creates new flower garden with new location.

Solar power units are functioning effectively.

Plastic free campus.

Dengue mosquito free campus.

Wall painting about environment protection.

Water conservation units and functioning effectively.

Future Plans:

Mega Camp- Cleaning surrounding areas of campus.

Rally- Awareness about Ban Plastic.

Guest Lecture on Environment Protection and Terrace Garden.

Guest Lecture on Future through organic way.

EVS Exhibition;

ECO Bazaar;

Mega Tree Plantation (2000 Tree Sapling).

Coordinator Eco-Club

Dr S.P.S. Rana

Dr Kumkum