Institutional Distinctiveness

A nation will be bereft of headways, if the female gender will be ignored. The best way to nurture this gender is to educate them at the initial premise. Education deals with impetus to elevate the graph of standards; not only of the female fraternity but also it stimulates the entire species leaving behind the partisanship towards a specific gender.

Ours is a government college dedicated to educate women, one of the most noble endeavour to be catered.

The vision of our college is to empower women through imparting them with higher education. This higher education serves the utmost necessity of effectuating the emerging global trends adding to the value-based nurturing of young women to enlighten them with what makes them competent in the professional world.

Knowledge is the most pious, precious and powerful weapon to fight with all the odds arising in the society. It also decorates an individual with the Emotional Quotient and Intelligence Quotient further preparing oneself to sustain with the ups and downs in all the walks of life.
This college has shouldered the responsibility with a great conviction to impart Higher Education to girl students in various faculties like Arts, Science, Commerce and Teacher's Education as well.
These divergent faculties possess various tools to carve, shape and beautify each and every disciple stepping into it. It's our aim to create a sensitive, sound and smooth environment to enrich education. We focus to prepare every girl student to grow as an intellectual, logical, trust- worthy, self-dependent and brave human being. The youth is considered to be the strength and future of the nation so our focus is to polish these young girls in the best of the manners to contribute to the springing curve of growth and development of an individual, family, society, district, state and above all our COUNTRY, the PROUD INDIA